Habits, whether good or bad, are generally acquired. when a person does a certain thing once and again, he is impelled by some unseen force to do the same thing repeatedly; thus a habit is formed. once a habit is formed, it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to shake it off. it is therefore very important that we should take great care in the formation of habits. some bad habits formed in childhoodmay remain lifetime. older persons also form bad habits, and in some cases they are ruined by these bad habits.

There are good habits which, when formed in early life, are great blessings. many successful people declare that they owe much of their success and prosperity to the formation of such good habits as punctuality, honesty, and perseverance in early life.

Such habits as rudeness, laziness, stealing and slandering are bad habits. if we want to be useful to society, we ought to keep away from ail these vices, and strive to acquire those habits that are proven to be good for ourselves and others.



shake it off摆脱

formation形成; 构成,结构; 形成物; 编队,队形

habits习惯( habit的名词复数 ); 长袍; 惯常行为; 瘾

bad habits陋习

in some cases在某些情况下; 有时候

ruined毁灭的; 堕落的

early life早年生活;童年

blessings祝福( blessing的名词复数 ); 好事; 福分; 因祸得福

declare申报; 宣布

prosperity繁荣; 成功; 兴旺

perseverance毅力; 韧性;

keep away from避开; 远; 不接近