Forty-one of the victims have been confirmed as Chinese nationals, including 13 children, 10 men and 18 women, Xinhua reported.


中国交通运输部广州打捞局的工作人员(one team dispatched by the Ministry of Transport)和来自中国浙江省的民间救援队(a civilian team from Zhejiang province)公羊队(the Ram Union team)已抵达普吉岛,加入泰方组织的救援打捞工作。


A member of the Rescue Team of Ram Union from Zhejiang province prepares to use sonar.Provided To China Daily

On Sunday afternoon, the Ram Union team first mapped the 20 kilometers around the capsized boat, with a sophisticated sonar device.


Police on Saturday said they have charged the captain of sunken ship Phoenix with negligence leading to damages, injury and death.



Online travel agencies and platforms, according to the ministry, are required to examine self-guided tour packages on sale and remove those with unacceptable risks. Advertisements for high-risk products are required to show clear warnings.


The ministry also called for the creation of emergency mechanisms so that action can be taken in a timely manner, if needed.




散客 individual traveler

自由行 independent travel

跟团游 package tour

深度游 in-depth travel

自驾游 self-driving tours

出境游 outbound travel

全域旅游 all-for-one tourism

旅游保证金 travel deposit

生育旅游 fertility tourism

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