Germany's Toni Kroos looks dejected. [Photo/Agencies]

Defending champions Germany have been eliminated from the World Cup at the group stage following defeat by South Korea, in one of the biggest shocks in the competition's history.


韩国队的两粒进球均出现在伤停补时阶段(injury time/stoppage time)。

Kim Young-gwon's 92nd-minute goal - which was initially ruled out for offside before being awarded after a video assistant referee decision - left Germany on the brink of elimination.


Worse was to come for the world's number one ranked side, however, when deep into stoppage time and appearing increasingly desperate, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer lost possession in the opponents' half. Ju Se-jong launched it forward where Son Heung-min tapped into an empty net to score the second.



It is the first time Germany have failed to make it out of the group stage since 1938, and the third consecutive time the holders of the World Cup have been knocked out of the group stages.


对于德国队被淘汰,除了上文中提到的be eliminated from the World Cup以外,英文媒体的标题中还用了下面这些表达:


Germany gets knocked out, Mexico advances(Cnet)


Knock out指“击败,淘汰”,所以这场比赛如果以韩国队为主语的话,应该说South Korea knocked out defending champion Germany in a 2-0 match on Wednesday。德国队是被韩国队打败,惨遭淘汰,所以这里使用的是被动的get knocked out,当然也可以用be knocked out的形式。


Germany pay the price for casual World Cup prep with humiliating exit(ESPN)


Exit平时的意思是“(建筑物或者某个场所的)出口”,比如,emergency exit(紧急出口)。这里的exit指的是从某个活动中“离场”,比如:England's exit from the European Championship.


Germany crashes out of World Cup after embarrassing defeat by South Korea(CNN)


Crash out指在体育比赛中失利,常见的用法如例句中的crash out of +体育比赛的名称,比如:He crashed out of the French Open in the second round.

当然了,还有一种很惨淡的表达就是head home,比如:Germany headed home in their most wretched tournament result(德国队带着相当惨烈的成绩打道回府了).


净胜球 goal difference

晋级 qualify for the second round/advance to the second round

小组赛 group stage

淘汰赛 knockout stage

四分之一决赛 quarter-final

半决赛 semi-final

决赛 final

(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)