1. In the early fifties, only eight or nine out of a hundred young men changed their jobs within the first three years with a company.

www.2088.com_【官方首页】-彩票网  在五十年代初期,有百分之八九的年轻人在一家公司工作三年后往往会跳槽。

  2. Since most jobs take only a year and a half to master, in order to continue learning, they have to make a job change.


  3. They have worked for a few years as technical specialists and quickly moved into higher management positions.


  4. Sociologists are interested in how a society began and how it grew.


  5. A Frenchman named Auguste Comte made sociology a separate science in the 1830s.

www.2088.com_【官方首页】-彩票网  1830年,一个叫Auguste Comte的法人使社会学成为一门独立的学科。

  6. The method of capital punishment varies from nation to nation.


  7. The new device was named after the man who spoke out in favor of it.


  8. Many people felt that beheading a person in the guillotine was merciful because of the quickness of death.


  9. A little child cannot understand advertisement for what they are and so believes totally in what he or she hears.


  10. And I am upset myself at how the advertisers can control a child’s outlook on the world.


  11. I think I should join Jolie in her efforts to change advertising tactics(策略) when it comes to advertisements for children.

www.2088.com_【官方首页】-彩票网  涉及到针对儿童的广告,我想我应当与Jolie一起努力去改变广告策略。

  12. However, policymakers were not yet acting on many important environmental problems.


  13. College students were a major force in the campaign, although participants of all ages were involved.

www.2088.com_【官方首页】-彩票网  尽管参加这次运动的人涉及到各个年龄段的人,但是大学生是这场运动的主导力量。

  14. thirty years later, the focus has changed but the urgency remains the same.


  15. X-rays were first discovered by a German scientist, Wilhelm Conrad roentgen, in 1895, almost by accident.

www.2088.com_【官方首页】-彩票网  X射线最初是在1895年被一个德国科学家偶然地发现的,他的名字叫Wilhelm Conrad roentgen。

  16. In fact, the rays could pass as easily through the fleshy part of his hand as through the black paper, but hardly at all through the bone.


  17. The answer would seem to lie in nuclear power stations.

www.2088.com_【官方首页】-彩票网  看来问题在于核电站。

  18. If the world population goes on increasing at its present rate, we may, in fifty years’ time, be burning up so much energy that we would damage the earth’s atmosphere.


  19. Psychologists deal with the minds and behavior of people.


  20. Several people have been instrumental in the field of psychology.


  21. It is only when we cannot see perfectly that we realize how important our eyes are.


  22. They can see things that are far away, but they have difficulty in reading a book unless they hold it at arm’s length.

www.2088.com_【官方首页】-彩票网  这些远视的人们能看清远处的东西,但是他们读书却很困难,除非他们把书举到一臂远的距离处去看。

  23. The same comment is made from generation to generation and it is always true.


  24. Events that the older generation remembers vividly are nothing more than past history.

www.2088.com_【官方首页】-彩票网  老一代记忆犹新的重大历史事件对年轻人来说不过是过眼烟云而已。

  25. What they reject more than anything is conformity.


  26. These are not questions the old generations can shrug off lightly.

www.2088.com_【官方首页】-彩票网  对于这些问题,老一代人确实不予附合。

  27. Most customers who go to a supermarket buy from a shopping list.


  28. The comfort and convenience of shopping centers is another factor which makes them popular with customers.


  29. Most of the ill health we suffer could be prevented if people made more effort to change their life styles.


  30. Similarly all advertising of alcohol should be banned and compensation paid to families of alcoholics who die of the liver disease.